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Performance Plan

Our performance plans are designed to support you in achieving your goals. By pulling together experts in their relevant fields and combining their knowledge we can offer you a multi-disciplinary team with world class expertise in all areas that will affect your performance. We start by profiling your current level of performance, allowing us to identify the areas that you need to work on in order to improve your performance in your target event(s).


We look at performance from all perspectives, from your threshold power to your bio-mechanical efficiency, from your aerodynamic performance to your mindset. Every aspect of performance is assessed, and then optimised to maximise performance.  

Your Performance is delivered in 3 parts:


This is the day to day sessions that you will undertake. Each session will be tailored to your individual physiology and will have a specific goal. Coaching includes:


Coach Contact


Training Plans

Goal Setting

Tactics and Performance Analysis 

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Athlete monitoring is incredibly important within a performance plan. It provides the information that your coach needs in order to know how you are adapting to a certain training stimulus, and your current fatigue status. Your coach can then use this information to optimise your training plan to ensure maximal adaptation to a training stimulus 

Monitoring encompasses several areas;

Adaptation Monitoring (LSCT)

Readiness to Train 

RPE Efforts 

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It is not just the training you do on the bike that affects performance, other aspects are also important. We offer services to allow you to optimise aspects of performance these include:


Nutritional Strategies and Carbohydrate Periodisation

Sports Psychology Interventions

Strength and Conditioning

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