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Performance is what we aim to help you achieve. However come race day you are not on your own. We offer a number of services that can help you on the day and also when you are competing to maximise your performance 

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When you have put in all the hard work and done everything you can to be ready for race day it would be madness to throw it away by eating or warming-up at the wrong time or worse missing the start!

We develop a custom race day protocol around your key events which integrates personalised warm-up, motivational and nutritional strategies. 

Never again will you start your warm-up too early, get to the start too early or late or eat at the wrong time. Maximise your performance on the day  

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Warm Up 

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​An effective warm up is a key component of race day performance. A warm-up has 4 main aims:

Increase muscle temperature -This means that you can produce more power 


Speed up oxygen uptake – this means that when you start hard exercise you don’t go into the red


Prepare mentally  - An effective warm up can ‘switch you on’ and get you ready to perform. 


Reduce injury risk.   

For a warm-up to achieve these goals it needs to be tailored to an athlete’s individual physiology and psychology. As part of our profiling we calculate the correct intensity based on your individual physiology to achieve these goals whilst not inducing fatigue before you start your event. This helps to maximise performance on race day!

Sports Psychology


Stay focused, Stay confident. 

We can give you strategies to execute on race day.


Only if you are confident, motivated and ready to perform mentally can you maximise your physical capacity.

We have partnered with Dr Josie Perry. She specializes in working with endurance athletes to maximise performance but has worked extensively in over 22 sports.    

Josie helps athletes to overcome barriers to their success and teaches them mental conditioning skills to make them more comfortable and confident in their sport. She can help athletes set realistic but exciting goals for their training or sport, overcome fears or anxieties around competition, teach techniques to deal with those periods when it feels like their mind is self-sabotaging their ambitions and get an athlete to the start of their competition feeling much more confident



Healthy Morning

You are what you eat! We have partnered with Tim Podlogar (PhD) to provide nutritional advice and carbohydrate periodisation plans. 

Fueling – having sufficient, and suitable, fuel during your event is key to optimising performance

Pre - we develop an individualised carbohydrate loading protocol for the days leading up to your event. 

During - we develop a individualised nutrition plan to fuel your in race performance


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