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Coaching is what we do – however coaching is far more than simply writing a training plan!


Coaching is supporting you to reach your goals. We pride ourselves on, not only offering world class sports science support, but the fact that we go on a performance journey with all our athletes. We care, and because we care we invest our own energy into helping you achieve your goals. 

If your looking for a world class team of coaches and sport scientists that cares, one that is invested in how you perform, if you want to stand on the start line of your event with a team behind you, knowing that you have done everything possible to be in the best shape and have optimised every aspect of performance, then a performance package is for you. 

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It's good to talk!

Great communication between athlete and coach is at the centre of any successful relationship. Your coach is there to maximise your performances. We encourage all athletes to be open and honest with their coaches. The better the communication in both directions the more impactful the coach and the performance plan can be on the athlete’s performance.


As part of our performance plans we offer a range of options in how you can communicate with your coach.     

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Tactics and

Performance Analysis 

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Training Plan

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Your training plan is where your coach takes all the information provided to them from the profiling eg, physiological testing, your sports psychology profiling, your aerodynamic and bike fit profiling, your strength and conditioning assessment, tactical analysis of your previous performances and the goals you wish to achieve, and the feedback from the monitoring tools and develops a program that aims to optimise future performance.   

This program is periodised around your competition schedule and other life factors (family, job, holidays etc) to optimise your adaptation to the training you do.

Your training plan is continually evaluated based on how you are improving and where future gains can be made. 

How you ride on the day can have a massive impact on performance. 

There is no point having the biggest engine in the world if your performance is undone by tactical errors. We have raced at a professional level across multi disciplines and supporting world class athletes across many more. 

Not only do we have the scientific expertise to optimise potential performance we have the tactical knowledge to help you deliver that performance on the day. 

In addition, we offer in depth performance analysis to ensure you learn from each race and improve tactically and in your skill delivery just as much as you are improving physically.

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A goal should scare you a little and motivate you a lot!

A goal is the starting point for your performance plan. Having clear goals means your performance plan can be targeted at the adaptations and optimisation you need to achieve those goals.  

Once your goals are defined, your coach will break that those goal down into their component parts. Our in-depth performance profiling allows us to assess your baseline performance in each area. Performance modelling then allows us to predict the effect of improvements in each area.  This is used to prioritise the areas that will have the greatest impact on performance. Your individual performance plan is then developed to maximise improvements in these areas and ultimately optimise performance in your goal event(s). 

Working in this way means we can ensure that the work you are putting in, be in long hours on the bike or hours in the wind tunnel, is exactly what you need to be doing to maximise performance come race day. 

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