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Athlete monitoring is incredibly important within a performance plan. It provides the information that your coach needs on how you are adapting to a certain training stimulus, and your current fatigue status. Your coach can then use this information to optimise your training plan to ensure maximal adaptation to a training stimulus​​


Additionally, and of equal importance, is high quality of communication between you the athlete and your coach. One of the most important questions your coach will ask you is ‘how do you feel today?’.


to Train

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and just not been quite sure whether to do that hard interval session or not? 


Readiness to train asses on a daily basis, through the use of 6 quick questions on a phone app, how ready you are for each day’s training session. Your coach will assess your responses and then make applicable changes to your training plan should it need to be adjusted. This maximises the quality of your training by ensuring you train hard on the days you are ready to do so but take it easy on the days when you need to prioritise recovery



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Every time you train you induce fatigue. In an ideal world you would then rest, recover, adapt and as a result become stronger. You then train again and repeat the process. 

How hard you train and how much recovery you have determine if this process is a productive one – functional overreaching, or a detrimental one – non-functional overreaching. 

Adaptation monitoring allows your coach to track your current state of fatigue and adaptation to training and therefore carefully adjust your training load to maximise the gains you make. 

This is done using a 17-minute adaptation test (LSCT) and longitudinal data analysis. 

RPE efforts


After a period of hard training, for example a training camp, you will undoubtedly need a period of recovery. The important question to answer in these circumstances is how long do you need to recovery for? 


By using efforts anchored to RPE your coach can track and highlight your adaptation curve. This allows your coach to pinpoint the optimal moment to return to hard training and therefore maximise the gains you get back from the training you put in.

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