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Optimisation is a term we use to convey how we look at every aspect of performance. 

We always look at performance from a multi-dimensional perspective. We aim to optimise your performance in each area, be it, optimising how confident you feel during an event through sports psychology interventions or how you are fuelling your performances through nutritional advice. We aim to improve every aspect of performance 

Only if we can achieve optimisation in each area can we maximise performance. 

Below are all the areas in which we offer optimisation services. Each area directly influences performance.


Sports Psychology is an area that many athletes don’t invest enough time into.

Only if you are confident, motivated and ready to perform mentally can you maximise your physical capacity.

We have partnered with Dr Josie Perry. She specializes in working with endurance athletes to maximise performance but has worked extensively in over 22 sports.    

Josie helps athletes to overcome barriers to their success and teaches them mental conditioning skills to make them more comfortable and confident in their sport. She can help athletes set realistic but exciting goals for their training or sport, overcome fears or anxieties around competition, teach techniques to deal with those periods when it feels like their mind is self-sabotaging their ambitions and get an athlete to the start of their competition feeling much more confident



Healthy Morning

You are what you eat! We have partnered with Tim Podlogar (PhD) to provide nutritional advice and carbohydrate periodisation plans. 

Correct nutrition is incredibly important for every athlete. Getting your nutrition correct, around, before, in and after both training and competition can determine how you perform. Nutrition is important for the following reasons:

Body mass – cycling performance can be influenced by body mass. Achieving a suitable body   mass for your event can be a crucial element in performance. 


Fueling – having sufficient, and suitable, fuel during your event is key to optimising performance


Certain foods and supplements can be used to used to boost performance in training and racing. 

Recovery can be boosted by the food you eat after training and competition

We offer nutrition optimisation packages that integrate with your life, your training, your race day protocol, your warm-up, your in-race pacing strategy, and your recovery strategy to maximise performance.

Strength &


Strength and Conditioning.png

The research is clear, as is our own experience of working with world class to amateur athletes. To perform optimally in cycling you need to have an integrated strength and conditioning program to compliment the work you are putting n on the bike. 

We have partnered with Hamish Munro (MSc), a professionally accredited strength and conditioning coach (UKSCA) with extensive experience working with elite and academy athletes to optimise the work you are doing off the bike, and integrate this seamlessly with the training you are doing on the bike. 

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